In 2017, Western Distributing  Co, one of our sister companies, was responsible for sponsoring the legislation that legalized Electronic Pull Tabs in ND. Western was the only distributor to hire lobbyists to work on behalf of ND charities. 

During this final phase, we will continue to work with ND Charities, CGAND, and the Gaming Division of the ND Attorney General’s Office to ensure the successful implementation of E-Tabs across the state.

Plains Gaming has chosen to partner with G2 Gaming as their E-TAB provider. 

E-Tabs - electronic Pull tabs

For More information on the Oasis E-Tab Games available through our sister company, Western Distributing Company, please follow this link:

We understand you have a lot of options when it comes to E-TABS and you are probably being bombarded by many different products and suppliers as this brand new product starts hitting the market.

While there is nothing wrong with shopping around and knowing what your options are, the #1 area you cannot skimp on is service!​

When we say Plains Gaming is North Dakota's leader in Electronic Gaming, that is not just a catch phrase.  We have a combined experience of over 50 years of providing our customers electronic gaming products and services.  Our reputation speaks for itself.  Let us show you the difference quality and experience brings!